Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Bow Baby Beanie and Diaper Cover

Hey there ya'll!  So listen to this,  I wrote out the pattern for this (stitch by stictch) and I was so excited to be able to post it on here for ya'll to use!  But my little girl is just learning to pull up on furniture to stand and wouldn't you know it, I left the paper on the coffee table... walked away for three seconds and I come back to find that she has COMPLETELY destroyed the paper!  Learned my lesson on that one!  Well anyways,  so no OBVIOUSLY I don't have the formally written pattern anymore... but I can kind of walk you through how I did it  :) ... maybe

So here goes:

I used worsted weight acrylic yarn to make it.

oh, for the diaper cover I used this pattern.

For the hat, I created a basic newborn hat and alternated colors on the non increasing rows. 
Then for the bow I created a medium sized rectangle and then wrapped yarn around the middle to create the puckered effect.   Then I just made a large pom pom.   Then I assembled it the way you see here.  GOOD LUCK!  I do plan to sit down and recreate the pattern for ya'll but until then hopefully this will work okay!



  1. Your patterns are adorable....thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thank you soooo much for this lovely free pattern. I have just finishrd it in a very short time, it really is easy peasy!!! Barbara

  3. Hi Deborah I just wanted to say I didn't try your pattern and it turned out lovely and I was wondering do you put the button to all of it after you put the flag up or do you just put the button on the outside please return my message turn .tthank you very much Deborah